Photography Services

If you are a restaurant in need of photography of your food, dining room we have your answer. If you have a product, art piece you need photographed for sales or marketing purposes, we have your answer. If you have an event you would like to have photographed to capture the action for use in future marketing or press coverage  we have you covered. Contact us and we will let you know how we can help.

Restaurant Photography

inka-heritage-restaurant-6My love of food and my families history in the restaurant business has taught me to appreciate how important the imagery of a restaurants food is to its ability to successfully market itself. Potential diners will make a decision on eating at a restaurant by looking at the website or Facebook page and seeing images of the dishes and the menu. Poor food photos will turn away diners quickly. Delicious looking images will entice diners to give the restaurant a try. Marshland Productions can provide your restaurant or food related event with succulent food photography to your website, Facebook page or marketing materials. Remember, people taste a meal first with their eyes.

Product Photography
gourdwork-18Nothing makes the impact of your product marketing and sales better that professional quality photos of your products. Whether its print, mobile or web we can produce the impactful product shots you need.
Event Photography
dueling-chefs-competition-1Are you looking to capture stunning visuals of your next food related event? We have covered many events in the southern Wisconsin area and can provide you with professional, impactful photographs to be used to promote and market your next event.
Cookbook Photography
cookbookphotography-2One of the most important ingredients for any cookbook is delicious photographs of the dishes described in the recipes. The imagery needs to both inspire and inform the cook to give the recipe a try.
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